Bands 4 Bands Bandfest

TNP has joined forces with Bands 4 Bands to help those less fortunate in the Bay Area. The Bandfest event being held on August 26th at Hayward Memorial Park will be a canned food drive to help the Salvation Army feed the homeless. Besides doing something that is a good cause for the community, you will be entertained by some of the East Bay's most talented musicians. This show will feature many different genres of music and will open your ears to new music. Please mark your calendars for this event and come on out to support local music and bring canned food for the Salvation Army.

More details can be found on the Bands4Bands facebook page.

music mecca

TNP was fortunate enough to travel to NAMM this year down in Anaheim, CA.  it was an amazing experience.  it is one of the mecca's of the church of music. (yes, plural mecca - as there is more than one mecca for music... there is more than one heart for music... as many hearts as there are genres)

While NAMM is a tradeshow and sales conference, it is unlike other professional conferences I've attended.  the atmosphere was not cutthroat or competitive as with other tradeshows.  it was an environment where companies having anything to do with music (instruments, recording gear, DJ accessories, etc) was present, either in a booth or walking around. Sales people within the booths were more than happy to tell you about their product, if you bought something, great!  if not, there's another guy right down that way that has something similar that might suite you better. there were musicians and performers demonstrating new versions or just never before seen products. There were suits, hippies, goths, old, young, and people from nearly every country on the globe.

It was exactly what a mecca should be.  and everyone was there to celebrate music.  if you are able to plan a trip for next year, definitely don't miss NAMM.

music be with you




we lost a fellow musician recently. her name was Rebecca and she was with the band Koala Punch.  we only had the pleasure of sharing a stage with them once in San Jose just before Halloween.  we were scheduled to play with them again at a December 2nd show at El Rio.  I was really looking forward to it.  I only had a chance to speak with Rebecca for maybe 10 minutes that night, but she and their whole band were friendly, approachable and very easy to perform with.  I loved that they came in full costumes, despite it being the weekend before Halloween.  they were low drama and into fun.  

Rebecca was killed in a car accident one week ago.  despite the fact that I barely knew her, I still feel in shock at her death.  she was incredibly talented.  Koala Punch did both their own original music and creatively influenced covers.  now, I haven't shed tears over her loss - I didn't know her well enough for that and it would feel fake to me to act like I did.  that said, I am extremely sorry I didn't have the chance to know her better.  I was looking forward to the show at El Rio mostly because we had the chance to share a stage with this awesome group of people again.

I could write a lot more, and get very existential, but at the same time, no words will ever express my deepest emotional condolences for the gap in the world that was left by the loss of Rebecca.  our thoughts and hearts go out to her friends and family - to the folks that were granted the time and space on earth to have been an integral part of Rebecca's life.  despite your pain, some of us are envious that you had the experience of knowing her better.  she was a very special person and a very talented musician.


to lead or not to lead

my role is lead singer.  while I don't consider myself a natural leader, I will lead if the situation calls for it and no one else stands up.  maybe that's why it took me so long to get involved in a band.  I've always loved singing, but never thought myself fitting for the lead role.  due to this, it's not always easy for me to start the show with full energy.

the lead singer is most often the face of the band.  I also don't mind being put in this position, but it can be challenging to get oneself into the groove on stage.  especially if you're at the level of playing in bars where you're mingling with your audience before the show.  a very dear friend (and lifelong professional musician) suggested wisely that I bring a separate stage outfit/costume.  this helps create a stage persona that is separate from your every day persona.  thus, you put on the stage clothes and more quickly step into your performance state of mind.

wearing a costume is a way to let loose sides of your personality that may otherwise be more subdued.  singing on stage and entertaining the audience are not mutually dependent.  I've seen a few bands that have great music, but as an audience member, I'm bored because they are just standing there.  similarly, there are lots of 'musicians' out there that are famous really due to their stage performance more than their musical talent.  it's not easy to compete with large productions backed by studio money.  even if you have the big ideas and big budget, you don't always have a venue that can support them.  thus connecting with your audience, is a significant way to entertain and engage them while you are on stage.  but connecting with the audience means making yourself vulnerable.  it means exposing your emotions and sharing it with them.  giving yourself a mask (whether it's literal or just putting on a stage costume) helps both protect you and make you more bold.  there's a reason there is a phrase "go big or go home".  and if you can't go big, go for broke and lay it all out there for everyone to see.

music be with you



inevitably, when you tell people you are in a band, they ask you what genre your music is.  we've struggled for an answer.  at first I described it as "original, inspired by the harder side of 90's alternative".  our founding members are all children of the 90's and we all find that music highly influential and still relevant, though it gets less and less radio play.

evoL coined the term "sexy rock", which is what we've adopted.  i love it and, of course, it's flattering.  but I feel like that doesn't give a complete picture of what our sound is.  rap used to be just rap, but it evolved into hip hop, R&B, gansta, etc.  dance music used to just be techno and now it's house, trance, EDM (electronic dance music), and more.  there have been sub-genres to rock, but maybe it's just natural that the sub-genres continue to develop and diversify.  

i love that there is no limit to genres - only the limits of human imagination.  which means plenty of things get revised and simply called new.  and to a younger generation, they are new.  but occasionally, there is something genuinely new.  creating something new and the acceptance of that something new is heavily dependent on timing and location.  access to the internet helps broaden the category of location.  but what about timing?  i feel confident in speculating that there have been innovations in music and musical stylings that never see the light of day.  they may have even had the capacity to change the world for the better.  but because the "right people" didn't hear it at the "right time", it dissolved into obscurity.  music can last forever, but it can also be lost and never heard from again.  i lament for the souls who have had the inspiration to create something amazing and beautiful, but never found ears beyond their own to hear it. 

here's to the lost genres.  blessed be and amen.


music is...

music is inspirational.  it inspires creativity, emotion, and action.  many of us (even the non-musical) live our lives by music.  remembering a particular moment thanks to a song that was playing at the time or expressed the perfect synopsis of that moment.  any time I want to dance, paint or write, I put music on.  

music is timeless.  I would say that music, more than most forms of creative expression, lasts. classical music that has been around for hundreds of years is still popular and commonly known.  songs recorded today, especially with today's technology, will also be around for years.  most songs re-hash the same old topics, but there is always someone new to say something in a new way.

music is a universal language. it can express happiness and anger, joy and sadness, energy and lethargy.  you don't usually need to understand the words to infer the meaning.  it crosses countries and cultures.  people from the u.s. like reggae, people from jamaica enjoy river dance, people in the british isles like bollywood.  there is music from every genre present on every continent.  and because you can't stop soundwaves (not easily anyway), you can't stop the amazing spread of music.

music is unassuming.  music is worthy of worship, yet most simply utilize music in their worshipping.  i think there should be a church of music.  it would be about giving expression to your beliefs and your emotions - but not at the expense of others.  instead, for the entertainment of others.  the different sects can be different genres, yet all are welcome to any genre at any time on any day.  if you feel rock one day and rap the next, there is no unfaithfulness.  you can be a listener, a dancer or a creator.  you can be a producer or a critic.   statistically, an example must exist, but I have never heard of anyone acting out in hate or fear due to disliking music.  even dislike would be welcome at the church of music - all you have to do is change the station.  

music is worthy of worship.  yet most simply utilize music in their worshipping.  i think there should be a church of music.  this would not be a true religion, because too many people kill and hate in the name of religion.  this would be a way of life.  a life lived to lift others up.  a life lived to get people dancing.  a life lived to make people laugh.  i think, if we all just believed in music, with its ever changing and ever timeless nature, we could forget reasons to fear.  music can be scary, but it's used as an expression of fear, not as a method of hurting people.  

here's to the church of music.  blessed be and amen.


Experimenting with some new sounds

I've been down in the studio all day working on some new sounds for TNP. Finding some interesting combinations of synth tones combined with delays, lo-fi, and reverse loops are building up some unique ideas for new tracks. Finding pockets to create emotional build ups in the music is a new interest of mine. I like to hear the progression of music develop as the song elapses. Just the creative moments today really have my mind working overtime on the new compositions flowing from my consciousness.

Video Production on CRACKED

Just started production on our newest video for the song "Cracked." MG went out on a walk around the peninsula and shot some footage of herself. CRUIZeR and Evol took some footage in the studio to make this video a unique combination of sounds and colors. Hold tight, video will be posted soon.

The search for gigs

Finding gigs isn't always easy and this time of year is when you wan to play. The weather is warm and people come out to hear live music. So why is it so difficult to find quality gigs? Might there be too many bands or not enough venues? That's not the case; You can always find a place to host a show. We recently held a concert on St. Patrick's Day at our home away from home, Shine On Studios. Hosting a small concert at your home is a great way to have a captive audience and be able to set your timeframe for how long the show will last. Plus you can do things like get a keg and barbecue some good food for you and your friends.

Networking with local companies is a good way to find some extra gigs that may not have existed until you brought them up. Just because an event doesn't already have plans for live music shouldn't deter you from suggesting that live music should be at the event. Company parties are a great
way to play your music for a group of people that may have never heard your songs before. So get out there and make the best of this summer and have fun playing your music live.

The heart of TNP music | EXIT ONLY

We have been composing music for 6 years as a trio. Our music takes inspiration from events and experiences in our everyday lives. Yet our imaginations run wild with new ideas constantly. Bringing us a new awareness to our musical compositions. The overwhelming majority of our songs are deeply rooted in the way we see the world. However, this is just the momentum we need for inspiration to write our newest songs.

The new album we are currently recording will have lyrics and music that comes from a deeper part of our souls. The drums beat more in rhythm with our hearts. The guitars riff the energy of our souls. The lyrics cascade emotions that our psyche dare never let loose. The culmination of these human traits being released through the power of our music will awaken the slumbering Goliath in your subconsciousness. Be prepared for our next album, EXIT ONLY, to be released later this summer.

The Local Music Scene | Venues need to Support Local Music

The Local Music Scene | Venues need to Support Local Music

What can venues do to improve the attendance at their location? Take a page out of the book of Hilly Kristal for starters. CBGB's became an iconic venue because of the way they presented bands and brought life to the music scene in New York city. Hilly interviewed bands before they could perform at the venue and gave them direction on their stage performance.

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TNP kicks off the summer tour with an intimate show in SF

TNP § 50 Mason Social House |  San Francisco

TNP has been working hard in the studio to get the new music ready for the summer tour. We had an opportunity to perform some of our new music for a select few at the 50 Mason Social House this past Thursday. It felt great to be back on stage and rocking out once again. The support of our fans has really been what fuels us to keep writing new music and booking more shows. Be sure to sign up for our fan list and we'll keep you informed of our next show this summer.

TNP in the studio

We are in the studio working on our 2nd album. This is going to have some of our older tracks that you all love and adore. Plus, we are going to have some new tracks on the album that will really get you amp'd up. Right now CRUIZeR is working on the mix for Hideaway & SLAP. This is our epic two song collaborative composition that was specifically written for the 7 string guitar in drop A.

We are working diligently to get this project ready for our summer tour up to Portland. Once all the tracks are mixed, we'll post the song on our site. We'd love to have everyone listen to the track and give us your feedback and reaction to the songs.


Gearing up for the road

Tour Bus

Being on a long road trip as a band is something we've always wanted to do. This summer, TNP is going to hit the road and get out of the area for a summer mini-tour up to the Pacific Northwest. Since we don't have a lot of experience on the road, please tell us about your road trips on tour. We want to hear good and bad stories or anything that you'd be willing to share.

We're considering extending our tour all that way up to Seattle. At the moment, Portland is our end point, but if we get some requests to keep going all the way to Seattle, we'll do it! Just post your comments here or email us if you want to come see us play in Seattle. We're really looking forward to the trip up to Portland and want to make the most of our adventures out on the road.

Studio work + GoPro videos

TNP will be back in the studio this month for the recording of our new tracks. We will have some new music for everyone to hear very soon. In the meantime, we will also be editing all the GoPro footage we've shot over the past year. Plus, we will be shooting some location footage to splice in. If anyone wants to be in a TNP music video, just message us or comment here and we'll get in touch with you.

New Pedal | Abominable Electronics

Recently discovered a new pedal company from North Carolina. Abominable Electronics has really shaped the sound I've been seeking for TNP. I purchased the Hail Satan Deluxe fuzz pedal with the hope that it would give me a different sound for some of the new tracks we've been writing. I'm starting to believe that this pedal was forged in Hell and tested by Beelzebub himself. The saturation of fuzz is just unbelievable.

I plugged just this pedal and only this pedal into my clean FX loop on the Marshall head. My clean to fuzz tone is mind-altering. I finally have the None Inch Nails tone that I love so much, but with a little extra hellfire thrown in.

Come out to our next show and hear this beast in action. I will definitely be tracking with this bad boy on the upcoming release this summer.

Summer Concerts

TNP is currently booking summer 2015 concerts for the Pacific West Coast. We currently have plans to do a tour up through Oregon and Washington. Please contact us if your band would like to join us or have us join a show that you've booked.

Back in the studio | Costume Party

TNP is getting back in the studio to record our first full-length album. We'll be laying down tracks at Shine On Studios in Oakland, CA. We've got some new songs that we'll be performing for the first time in a public venue on Saturday April 4th @ the Red Hat in Concord. Come on out and hear our newest tracks: FEAR, NOT, OBLIVION, & OFF. The energy level of these tracks is mind-blowing intense and we're only a 3-piece band.

So get out your favorite costume and come hang out with all the cool people at the Red Hat this Saturday. It is sure to be one to remember and there will definitely be lots of Instagram photos floating around from this party. We're looking forward to seeing everyone and getting our 2015 spring/summer tour on the road.