The search for gigs

Finding gigs isn't always easy and this time of year is when you wan to play. The weather is warm and people come out to hear live music. So why is it so difficult to find quality gigs? Might there be too many bands or not enough venues? That's not the case; You can always find a place to host a show. We recently held a concert on St. Patrick's Day at our home away from home, Shine On Studios. Hosting a small concert at your home is a great way to have a captive audience and be able to set your timeframe for how long the show will last. Plus you can do things like get a keg and barbecue some good food for you and your friends.

Networking with local companies is a good way to find some extra gigs that may not have existed until you brought them up. Just because an event doesn't already have plans for live music shouldn't deter you from suggesting that live music should be at the event. Company parties are a great
way to play your music for a group of people that may have never heard your songs before. So get out there and make the best of this summer and have fun playing your music live.

The Local Music Scene | Venues need to Support Local Music

The Local Music Scene | Venues need to Support Local Music

What can venues do to improve the attendance at their location? Take a page out of the book of Hilly Kristal for starters. CBGB's became an iconic venue because of the way they presented bands and brought life to the music scene in New York city. Hilly interviewed bands before they could perform at the venue and gave them direction on their stage performance.

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TNP kicks off the summer tour with an intimate show in SF

TNP § 50 Mason Social House |  San Francisco

TNP has been working hard in the studio to get the new music ready for the summer tour. We had an opportunity to perform some of our new music for a select few at the 50 Mason Social House this past Thursday. It felt great to be back on stage and rocking out once again. The support of our fans has really been what fuels us to keep writing new music and booking more shows. Be sure to sign up for our fan list and we'll keep you informed of our next show this summer.

TNP in the studio

We are in the studio working on our 2nd album. This is going to have some of our older tracks that you all love and adore. Plus, we are going to have some new tracks on the album that will really get you amp'd up. Right now CRUIZeR is working on the mix for Hideaway & SLAP. This is our epic two song collaborative composition that was specifically written for the 7 string guitar in drop A.

We are working diligently to get this project ready for our summer tour up to Portland. Once all the tracks are mixed, we'll post the song on our site. We'd love to have everyone listen to the track and give us your feedback and reaction to the songs.


Gearing up for the road

Tour Bus

Being on a long road trip as a band is something we've always wanted to do. This summer, TNP is going to hit the road and get out of the area for a summer mini-tour up to the Pacific Northwest. Since we don't have a lot of experience on the road, please tell us about your road trips on tour. We want to hear good and bad stories or anything that you'd be willing to share.

We're considering extending our tour all that way up to Seattle. At the moment, Portland is our end point, but if we get some requests to keep going all the way to Seattle, we'll do it! Just post your comments here or email us if you want to come see us play in Seattle. We're really looking forward to the trip up to Portland and want to make the most of our adventures out on the road.

Summer Concerts

TNP is currently booking summer 2015 concerts for the Pacific West Coast. We currently have plans to do a tour up through Oregon and Washington. Please contact us if your band would like to join us or have us join a show that you've booked.