Bands 4 Bands Bandfest

TNP has joined forces with Bands 4 Bands to help those less fortunate in the Bay Area. The Bandfest event being held on August 26th at Hayward Memorial Park will be a canned food drive to help the Salvation Army feed the homeless. Besides doing something that is a good cause for the community, you will be entertained by some of the East Bay's most talented musicians. This show will feature many different genres of music and will open your ears to new music. Please mark your calendars for this event and come on out to support local music and bring canned food for the Salvation Army.

More details can be found on the Bands4Bands facebook page.

The Local Music Scene | Venues need to Support Local Music

The Local Music Scene | Venues need to Support Local Music

What can venues do to improve the attendance at their location? Take a page out of the book of Hilly Kristal for starters. CBGB's became an iconic venue because of the way they presented bands and brought life to the music scene in New York city. Hilly interviewed bands before they could perform at the venue and gave them direction on their stage performance.

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