Original female fronted Sexy Hard Rock N' Roll band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Our music pulls inspiration from decades of great rock music. From the early 1970's punk era through the modern metal revolution, we craft our own original music and express ourselves through aggressive music that seduces your ears. We are working to promote the local music scene and bringing back the reputation San Francisco Bay Area once had for pumping out great live music! A solid mix of amazing vocal ranges and styles to put any emotion into your soul, ripping guitar riffs leave you wanting more, and a drummer that kicks you into tomorrow with impressive drum beats and stick tricks - all coming together to seduce the eyes as well as the ears.

"Truly a sight to see this band on stage, it is like nothing you've ever heard or seen before! My jaw dropped almost the entire time, I couldn't look away! They had my attention the entire time and commanded it in the best way possible. The best local act I've seen in years!" - Anonymous Testimonial

The New Position has coined the genre term "Sexy Hard Rock" -- and TNP truly stands by it with the music and stage performances delivered time and time again.

The beginning was a match made in heaven when Evol and Modest Goddess reunited as a couple, and on a random day in history Evol was strumming guitar and Modest sang along -- a bolt of lightning struck them both and a band was to be formed. The two wrote as much as possible, starting with things they could relate to like bad days waiting in line at the DMV, and awful drivers on the road that smash their breaks at the first turn of Yellow lights.  they followed by getting more intimate in their own way with songs like Seduce and Poster Boy.  After an invitation to perform for the first time in San Francisco, they decided to put an official band together.

With a chance reading of a craigslist.org ad, they met their first and last drummer known as "CRISPy" CRUIZeR. After a few songs, instantly knowing he was "the one," the music erupted into a new realm of what The New Position could be. Together the three have created what is lovingly called "The Core," as TNP tackles song ideas, writing, composing and recording together as one solid unit.

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Photographer: David Hughes