The search for gigs

Finding gigs isn't always easy and this time of year is when you wan to play. The weather is warm and people come out to hear live music. So why is it so difficult to find quality gigs? Might there be too many bands or not enough venues? That's not the case; You can always find a place to host a show. We recently held a concert on St. Patrick's Day at our home away from home, Shine On Studios. Hosting a small concert at your home is a great way to have a captive audience and be able to set your timeframe for how long the show will last. Plus you can do things like get a keg and barbecue some good food for you and your friends.

Networking with local companies is a good way to find some extra gigs that may not have existed until you brought them up. Just because an event doesn't already have plans for live music shouldn't deter you from suggesting that live music should be at the event. Company parties are a great
way to play your music for a group of people that may have never heard your songs before. So get out there and make the best of this summer and have fun playing your music live.