The heart of TNP music | EXIT ONLY

We have been composing music for 6 years as a trio. Our music takes inspiration from events and experiences in our everyday lives. Yet our imaginations run wild with new ideas constantly. Bringing us a new awareness to our musical compositions. The overwhelming majority of our songs are deeply rooted in the way we see the world. However, this is just the momentum we need for inspiration to write our newest songs.

The new album we are currently recording will have lyrics and music that comes from a deeper part of our souls. The drums beat more in rhythm with our hearts. The guitars riff the energy of our souls. The lyrics cascade emotions that our psyche dare never let loose. The culmination of these human traits being released through the power of our music will awaken the slumbering Goliath in your subconsciousness. Be prepared for our next album, EXIT ONLY, to be released later this summer.