The heart of TNP music | EXIT ONLY

We have been composing music for 6 years as a trio. Our music takes inspiration from events and experiences in our everyday lives. Yet our imaginations run wild with new ideas constantly. Bringing us a new awareness to our musical compositions. The overwhelming majority of our songs are deeply rooted in the way we see the world. However, this is just the momentum we need for inspiration to write our newest songs.

The new album we are currently recording will have lyrics and music that comes from a deeper part of our souls. The drums beat more in rhythm with our hearts. The guitars riff the energy of our souls. The lyrics cascade emotions that our psyche dare never let loose. The culmination of these human traits being released through the power of our music will awaken the slumbering Goliath in your subconsciousness. Be prepared for our next album, EXIT ONLY, to be released later this summer.

TNP kicks off the summer tour with an intimate show in SF

TNP § 50 Mason Social House |  San Francisco

TNP has been working hard in the studio to get the new music ready for the summer tour. We had an opportunity to perform some of our new music for a select few at the 50 Mason Social House this past Thursday. It felt great to be back on stage and rocking out once again. The support of our fans has really been what fuels us to keep writing new music and booking more shows. Be sure to sign up for our fan list and we'll keep you informed of our next show this summer.

TNP in the studio

We are in the studio working on our 2nd album. This is going to have some of our older tracks that you all love and adore. Plus, we are going to have some new tracks on the album that will really get you amp'd up. Right now CRUIZeR is working on the mix for Hideaway & SLAP. This is our epic two song collaborative composition that was specifically written for the 7 string guitar in drop A.

We are working diligently to get this project ready for our summer tour up to Portland. Once all the tracks are mixed, we'll post the song on our site. We'd love to have everyone listen to the track and give us your feedback and reaction to the songs.


New Pedal | Abominable Electronics

Recently discovered a new pedal company from North Carolina. Abominable Electronics has really shaped the sound I've been seeking for TNP. I purchased the Hail Satan Deluxe fuzz pedal with the hope that it would give me a different sound for some of the new tracks we've been writing. I'm starting to believe that this pedal was forged in Hell and tested by Beelzebub himself. The saturation of fuzz is just unbelievable.

I plugged just this pedal and only this pedal into my clean FX loop on the Marshall head. My clean to fuzz tone is mind-altering. I finally have the None Inch Nails tone that I love so much, but with a little extra hellfire thrown in.

Come out to our next show and hear this beast in action. I will definitely be tracking with this bad boy on the upcoming release this summer.