New Pedal | Abominable Electronics

Recently discovered a new pedal company from North Carolina. Abominable Electronics has really shaped the sound I've been seeking for TNP. I purchased the Hail Satan Deluxe fuzz pedal with the hope that it would give me a different sound for some of the new tracks we've been writing. I'm starting to believe that this pedal was forged in Hell and tested by Beelzebub himself. The saturation of fuzz is just unbelievable.

I plugged just this pedal and only this pedal into my clean FX loop on the Marshall head. My clean to fuzz tone is mind-altering. I finally have the None Inch Nails tone that I love so much, but with a little extra hellfire thrown in.

Come out to our next show and hear this beast in action. I will definitely be tracking with this bad boy on the upcoming release this summer.