we lost a fellow musician recently. her name was Rebecca and she was with the band Koala Punch.  we only had the pleasure of sharing a stage with them once in San Jose just before Halloween.  we were scheduled to play with them again at a December 2nd show at El Rio.  I was really looking forward to it.  I only had a chance to speak with Rebecca for maybe 10 minutes that night, but she and their whole band were friendly, approachable and very easy to perform with.  I loved that they came in full costumes, despite it being the weekend before Halloween.  they were low drama and into fun.  

Rebecca was killed in a car accident one week ago.  despite the fact that I barely knew her, I still feel in shock at her death.  she was incredibly talented.  Koala Punch did both their own original music and creatively influenced covers.  now, I haven't shed tears over her loss - I didn't know her well enough for that and it would feel fake to me to act like I did.  that said, I am extremely sorry I didn't have the chance to know her better.  I was looking forward to the show at El Rio mostly because we had the chance to share a stage with this awesome group of people again.

I could write a lot more, and get very existential, but at the same time, no words will ever express my deepest emotional condolences for the gap in the world that was left by the loss of Rebecca.  our thoughts and hearts go out to her friends and family - to the folks that were granted the time and space on earth to have been an integral part of Rebecca's life.  despite your pain, some of us are envious that you had the experience of knowing her better.  she was a very special person and a very talented musician.