music mecca

TNP was fortunate enough to travel to NAMM this year down in Anaheim, CA.  it was an amazing experience.  it is one of the mecca's of the church of music. (yes, plural mecca - as there is more than one mecca for music... there is more than one heart for music... as many hearts as there are genres)

While NAMM is a tradeshow and sales conference, it is unlike other professional conferences I've attended.  the atmosphere was not cutthroat or competitive as with other tradeshows.  it was an environment where companies having anything to do with music (instruments, recording gear, DJ accessories, etc) was present, either in a booth or walking around. Sales people within the booths were more than happy to tell you about their product, if you bought something, great!  if not, there's another guy right down that way that has something similar that might suite you better. there were musicians and performers demonstrating new versions or just never before seen products. There were suits, hippies, goths, old, young, and people from nearly every country on the globe.

It was exactly what a mecca should be.  and everyone was there to celebrate music.  if you are able to plan a trip for next year, definitely don't miss NAMM.

music be with you