to lead or not to lead

my role is lead singer.  while I don't consider myself a natural leader, I will lead if the situation calls for it and no one else stands up.  maybe that's why it took me so long to get involved in a band.  I've always loved singing, but never thought myself fitting for the lead role.  due to this, it's not always easy for me to start the show with full energy.

the lead singer is most often the face of the band.  I also don't mind being put in this position, but it can be challenging to get oneself into the groove on stage.  especially if you're at the level of playing in bars where you're mingling with your audience before the show.  a very dear friend (and lifelong professional musician) suggested wisely that I bring a separate stage outfit/costume.  this helps create a stage persona that is separate from your every day persona.  thus, you put on the stage clothes and more quickly step into your performance state of mind.

wearing a costume is a way to let loose sides of your personality that may otherwise be more subdued.  singing on stage and entertaining the audience are not mutually dependent.  I've seen a few bands that have great music, but as an audience member, I'm bored because they are just standing there.  similarly, there are lots of 'musicians' out there that are famous really due to their stage performance more than their musical talent.  it's not easy to compete with large productions backed by studio money.  even if you have the big ideas and big budget, you don't always have a venue that can support them.  thus connecting with your audience, is a significant way to entertain and engage them while you are on stage.  but connecting with the audience means making yourself vulnerable.  it means exposing your emotions and sharing it with them.  giving yourself a mask (whether it's literal or just putting on a stage costume) helps both protect you and make you more bold.  there's a reason there is a phrase "go big or go home".  and if you can't go big, go for broke and lay it all out there for everyone to see.

music be with you