inevitably, when you tell people you are in a band, they ask you what genre your music is.  we've struggled for an answer.  at first I described it as "original, inspired by the harder side of 90's alternative".  our founding members are all children of the 90's and we all find that music highly influential and still relevant, though it gets less and less radio play.

evoL coined the term "sexy rock", which is what we've adopted.  i love it and, of course, it's flattering.  but I feel like that doesn't give a complete picture of what our sound is.  rap used to be just rap, but it evolved into hip hop, R&B, gansta, etc.  dance music used to just be techno and now it's house, trance, EDM (electronic dance music), and more.  there have been sub-genres to rock, but maybe it's just natural that the sub-genres continue to develop and diversify.  

i love that there is no limit to genres - only the limits of human imagination.  which means plenty of things get revised and simply called new.  and to a younger generation, they are new.  but occasionally, there is something genuinely new.  creating something new and the acceptance of that something new is heavily dependent on timing and location.  access to the internet helps broaden the category of location.  but what about timing?  i feel confident in speculating that there have been innovations in music and musical stylings that never see the light of day.  they may have even had the capacity to change the world for the better.  but because the "right people" didn't hear it at the "right time", it dissolved into obscurity.  music can last forever, but it can also be lost and never heard from again.  i lament for the souls who have had the inspiration to create something amazing and beautiful, but never found ears beyond their own to hear it. 

here's to the lost genres.  blessed be and amen.