music is...

music is inspirational.  it inspires creativity, emotion, and action.  many of us (even the non-musical) live our lives by music.  remembering a particular moment thanks to a song that was playing at the time or expressed the perfect synopsis of that moment.  any time I want to dance, paint or write, I put music on.  

music is timeless.  I would say that music, more than most forms of creative expression, lasts. classical music that has been around for hundreds of years is still popular and commonly known.  songs recorded today, especially with today's technology, will also be around for years.  most songs re-hash the same old topics, but there is always someone new to say something in a new way.

music is a universal language. it can express happiness and anger, joy and sadness, energy and lethargy.  you don't usually need to understand the words to infer the meaning.  it crosses countries and cultures.  people from the u.s. like reggae, people from jamaica enjoy river dance, people in the british isles like bollywood.  there is music from every genre present on every continent.  and because you can't stop soundwaves (not easily anyway), you can't stop the amazing spread of music.

music is unassuming.  music is worthy of worship, yet most simply utilize music in their worshipping.  i think there should be a church of music.  it would be about giving expression to your beliefs and your emotions - but not at the expense of others.  instead, for the entertainment of others.  the different sects can be different genres, yet all are welcome to any genre at any time on any day.  if you feel rock one day and rap the next, there is no unfaithfulness.  you can be a listener, a dancer or a creator.  you can be a producer or a critic.   statistically, an example must exist, but I have never heard of anyone acting out in hate or fear due to disliking music.  even dislike would be welcome at the church of music - all you have to do is change the station.  

music is worthy of worship.  yet most simply utilize music in their worshipping.  i think there should be a church of music.  this would not be a true religion, because too many people kill and hate in the name of religion.  this would be a way of life.  a life lived to lift others up.  a life lived to get people dancing.  a life lived to make people laugh.  i think, if we all just believed in music, with its ever changing and ever timeless nature, we could forget reasons to fear.  music can be scary, but it's used as an expression of fear, not as a method of hurting people.  

here's to the church of music.  blessed be and amen.